Friday, May 11, 2012

New Baby Invites

Somehow we manage to get new ideas done even with all the actual orders. See some of the newest here...more coming soon! The textured background on the onesie invite can be any color. The Rustic wood and patterned one can be done in so many ways too. The dotted pattern can be any color or we can use a different pattern in place of the dots!!  Great for a bridal or baby shower...

(c) DG Invites

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keely & Daniel

It's kind of exciting to be updating everything....actually it is REALLY exciting.  To once again see all of our hard work showcased for everyone to see is a great feeling....we really do love this!  So here is another one of our couples that found us late in the game, but used us for all of their Night Club themed reception items...table numbers and signage! 

Keely & Daniel

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a Tractor Tippin' Good Time!

We recently created invitations for Nickolas's 3rd Birthday party.  All he wanted for his birthday was to have a "Tractor Tip" party.  We created an invitation with Lightning McQueen and Mater along with a tractor that they tipped over while they were out tractor tippin.  Nickolas was so excited when he saw the invitation!  He could not wait for his mommy to mail it out to all of his friends!

We also created some items for the big party!  We created labels for juice boxes, raisin boxes, and uncrustables to match the theme.  We also created matching party hats!  The kids loved wearing them and had a blast at the party! 

Even Nick's daddy couldn't resist wearing a cool party hat! :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Amanda and Jason

We recently received another "glowing" review from a very sweet couple.  Amanda and Jason got married in March of this year.  Amanda came to us looking for the perfect invitations and wedding day items for their special day!  We were able to do just that!  

"Dear Courtni & Darci,
Well what can I say; invitation shopping can be quite overwhelming!
After weeks of searching, pinteresting and combing through blogs, I began to feel like we would never find the invitations that would capture the overall theme of our wedding day.  While communicating my frustrations to a colleague on the “headaches” of invitation shopping, another colleague overheard my angst and mentioned that, his wife (Courtni) may have the answer.  He explained that not only does Courtni have great ideas, but she would be happy to meet up to present the DG portfolio. 
From the moment my fiancĂ© and I had our first meeting with Courtni, we knew we were in great hands.  Courtni & Darci created exactly what we were looking for: simple, classic and elegant!  The quality of printing exceeded our expectations but it did not stop there… the ceremony programs were absolutely stunning, and the butterflies for the seating chart …Gorgeous!  Oh yes and I cannot forget the whimsical table numbers, which were quite lovely in every way. All were reasonably priced to fit within our budget.
Many guests contacted me after the wedding and complimented us on all the details displayed throughout the evening. I cannot thank DG Invites enough for making it all possible!  You all did such an amazing job and we are truly thankful the wonderful invitation experience. 
Y’all are awesome =)"

Monday, May 7, 2012

Itali and William

So we obviously really need to work on posting here on a much more regular basis, along with updating facebook and the website. A person to work solely on those things would be awesome!! Maybe I will work on that as a future position with DG Invites.

Keeping that in mind I am going to start posting images of some of our recent work. Recent as in over the last year or so since you currently can't view it anywhere. Yes I said year and to be honest it is probably even longer than that!!

I can't really make excuses as to the lack of updates other than there is just not enough time in the day along side life outside of invitations. My little guy will be 2 in August and is quite the handful :) I love every minute of it *almost. He is very much a boy...into EVERYTHING and talking up a storm's adorable! I also coach varsity high school lacrosse in the spring. Not to mention I run the Charlotte Women's Lacrosse Club so I can still play! So invitations + lacrosse + family = This time of year you could call me insane! But I love what I do and the amazing clients I work with!!

So to start things off we go back to good 'ol December 2011 to the wedding of one of our sweetest couples: Itali & William Frasier.We did their invitations, escort cards, table numbers and additional signage for the reception.  Just to give you an idea of how sweet this couple was read their rave!

"Dearest Darci - From our first meeting at the Charlotte Bridal Fair in January 2011 to our discussion in February of the same year- until our last of many “urgent” emails, you were our champion! My fiancĂ© and I came to you, not really sure of what it was we wanted, but your skill and attention to detail gave us EVERYTHING and more that we could have wanted. We only hoped our wedding invitation would give a prelude to what our friends and family could expect on our day, and you delivered! Thank you so much for your hard work, for being flexible when we changed our minds, and for sharing your talent with us! We were so honored to have you as part of our “Dream Team” for 12/10/11 and anxiously look forward to an opportunity when we can reunite again! Warmest Regards, Itali and William Frasier"

Photography Credit: Critsey Rowe