Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Violet!!

So we continue to play catch on all of the wonderful we created last year....hopefully we will get most of it to you before the crazy of this year really starts to take shape.  Currently we are looking at what will be by far the best year for us here at DG Invites.  We are still keeping our fingers crossed, but so far amazing!  With that I would like to show you a little bit from another one of our wonderful birthday parties.  We designed this printable storybook themed party package for none other than one of our most cherished clients.  She can throw a party like none other...wait until you see the newest one we are working on now!!  You can also check out her Pirate Party and Grown Up Cinderella Party.  For this lovely we designed a storybook invitation, return address labels, book plate stickers, happy birthday bunting, cupcake wraps, cupcake flags, thank you tags, sheet paper, tented cards, drink wraps and some additional signage.  You know you love this and the fact that it was at a carousel makes this party 10x better!  Here are a handful of photos from the party.  Want to see more?  Visit our Facebook Page.

Many thanks to Adam Pope Photography!!