Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amy & Andrew ~ 6.09.12

When Amy and I first met {at a GREAT hipster place known as Central Coffee in Plaza Midwood} little did I know where our journey would take us. Unsure of really what she was looking for in an invitation, we explored several ideas. It came down to a lovely classic invite with ecru linen, ecru satin ribbon and a layer of navy linen. All printed with black raised fonts. It was a beauty and oh so perfect for their day. 

From there we worked on a ceremony program, rehearsal dinner place cards and a wonderful masterpiece of a table assignment display for the reception. We loved the table assignments for a number of reasons.  Their simplicity, the green shutters they hung from that were perfect for a wedding at The Vanlandingham Estate and the different shaped cards to add just enough of something special.  All again were printed on an ecru linen stock with black writing.

So where are the pictures of this masterpiece?  Well we couldn't just show you pictures of the printed items now could they are among others taken by their wedding photographer Jenna Thomas of 
Red, White & Green.  We do not know her personally as of yet, but we think she was the perfect fit for Amy & Andrews wedding!  You can view more pictures from the wedding here on Jenna's Blog. Or you can visit our Facebook Page for additional photos as well.  We hope you enjoy!!

 Thank you Studio SGS Photography for the great photos of the Invite, Program & Place Cards.