Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

We hope you are all having a Wonderful Holiday Season.
We hope yours is Merry and Bright and that you get to spend lots of time with those you love!

Merry Christmas from all of us at DG Invites. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wedding Tip Tuesday ~ 12.18.12

At DG Invites we have been busy with an order from our wonderful loyal customers the Palos Verdes Chapter of the National Charity League.  We always look forward to this time of year as things go from busy, busy to the calm before the storm.  More on that later!  We apologize for a break last week from Tip Tuesday while assembling that order and well just being sick...blah!  Being sick is getting kind of old over here so I'm hoping the worst is behind us.  So to get to why you are visiting us, a few tips as promised (to make up for last week).

The proof for your invitation that is. When it comes to something as important as your big day you can never be too careful.  I have to admit that over the years, things have for sure been missed.  By me, the client, the printer, the clients mom, the clients sister and well everyone it crossed paths with.  However, there are ways to avoid this.  Review your invite for all of the correct information....date, time, location etc.  Then read it again LEFT to RIGHT, WORD by WORD.  Look for any spelling or typo errors you can possibly find.  Reading it this way is how a copy writer would.  There is no chance of being lazy as you read and missing something as your mind assumes it says what you want it to say.  Once you have done that read it again for an grammatical errors.  Then...have other people do the same thing.  For me after looking at an invite for what can be months at a time, over and over it all blends together.  There is always computer/human error involved as the process goes on. Slip of the mouse could delete a random letter in a random line.  So before you say Print...Check, Check, Check!  You will only save yourself, time and money.

When to Mail??
Save the Dates should be mailed out anywhere from 6 months to a year prior to the wedding.

Invitations should be mailed out 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding, allowing your guests adequate time to respond and ensuring that you will get a reliable head count a week or two before the event. This is a pretty standard time frame. If you have a lot of out of town guests or are having a destination wedding that requires more complex travel arrangements then you would send them closer to that 8 week mark and in some cases even earlier.  Your invitation designer should be able to clarify this for your specific event. One thing to note: Make sure you are not sending them out too early.  In the past we have had some local weddings, with almost all local guests, with a bride who wants to mail them out 3 months before the wedding....We say STOP right there!!  If you mail them out too soon most people will not RSVP right away, or ever.  They will sit that fancy invite down thinking I have no idea if I can attend 3 months from now, I have plenty of time to decide and respond.  Well that fancy invite will get lost, buried and forgotten about and that RSVP will never come.  No one wants to have to call half the guest list! Timing is everything...

Well, we hope you enjoyed this installment of Wedding Tip Tuesday.  Hoping to get a few more events on the blog the next couple weeks for your enjoyment....still MANY to post.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wedding Tip Tuesday ~ 12.4.12

So we are a little late on everything today.  Sometimes it is just VERY hard to get anything accomplished working from home with a ball full of energy aka my 2-yr old son!  Still on the hunt for a Nanny (Applicants welcome) but we can talk more about that another time.  Back to Wedding Tip Tuesday!  Today as we start to think more and more about the new year and the bridal shows to come we want you to be prepared to bridal show it up!

Why attend a bridal show?  Save time and money, meet with wedding industry experts in all areas of your big day, get ideas, and see the latest wedding trends.  With that here are several tips to get the most out of a Bridal Show.

{Arrive Early}
Not a morning person that is totally fine but everyone loves a good freebie!  Many bridal shows will enter the first so many attendees into a contest for prizes. Or the first so many guests will receive all kinds of cool things not only from the producers of the show but from lots of the vendors.

{Pre-Register for the Show}
It only takes a few minutes but for the larger shows this can not only save you money with a discount for registering early but you won't have to wait in line to register on the day of.  Which will allow you more time to visit all of the great booths!

{Bring your Friends or Family}
This is great for bridesmaids to help feel like they are involved the same with mom or the future mother-in-law.  Plus with how overwhelming a show can be having someone to bounce ideas off of or see something you may have missed is always great.

{Bring an envelope for your purse} 
You will get TONS of information from TONS of different vendors. You will also more than likely receive a great bag to collect and carry all of that info in.  But what about that great invitation vendor you talked with and really want to meet with more than any of the others?  Create a separate collection of cards for the MUST contact folks.  This doesn't mean forget about all the others. The show WILL be overwhelming. So just keep the MUSTs and more urgent ones out for easy future access.

{Contact Info Labels}
Lots of vendors will have drawings and prizes at their booths.  Why kill yourself writing down your information over and over or missing out on those prizes?  Print yourself some labels to quickly place on their forms.  Make sure to include at least: your name, email, phone number, wedding date, approx number of guests and any major theme/colors to your wedding if chosen.

{Create a Wedding Email Address}
We had a Tip Tuesday dedicated solely to this one because we think it is really important.  You can check it out HERE.

{Bring a Digital Camera or Your (charged) Phone}
As I have already mentioned you will see SOO much at a show. Bring something to take pictures of some of the great ideas you see that you will probably forget about.  HOWEVER,  it is very rude to just snap away at a vendors booth without asking if you can take a picture of their work.  ASK to take a pic first!!

{Bring a Checkbook}
Sometimes vendors will offer a discount for placing a deposit on their services the day of the show. If you know certain vendors that you for sure want to hire, why not save a little money in the process.  Some shows even offer incentives for booking so many vendors from a show.

{Know your Budget & Approximate Guest Count}
You don't have to have eery detail hammered out to attend a Bridal Show, we know a lot of people attending are just recently engaged and may not even have a date set yet.  But if you have started to plan having this information on hand is great. A lot of the time pricing is determined by the number of guests/qty you will need. So if you know this vendors can at least give you an idea on pricing.  And as for a budget, you can quickly eliminate folks that are not going to be in your price range.

{Do your Research}
All on your own you can make the day a lot less overwhelming.  One by knowing what vendors you still need for your big day.  If you have your photographer booked already you can quickly pass by lots of booths and save that time for the vendors you still need to book.  Secondly most Bridal Shows will list the vendors in attendance. So before the show you can check out all of their websites, star ones you want to for sure want to stop by, nix the ones you know are not right for your day!!

{Enjoy the Day}
Don't think that this will be a quick stop in your day of activities.  In many cases it will be a several hour adventure. Don't rush yourself, take your time and really enjoy the vendors. Sample lots of treats, get to know potential vendors on your list, eat lunch, watch the fashion shows and most of all have fun!

With that we will see you in January!

Happy Wedding Tip Tuesday!

Seasons Greetings!

Many thanks to The Sparkle Queen for featuring our Palm Tree Holiday Cards in an Etsy Treasury as well as on her Blog AND Pinterest page!

'Seasons Greetings!' by Sparklysharpfabulous

So many cards to choose from this season, all lovely and bright!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

T-Minus 43 days

That is until the BIG Bridal show here in Cleveland.  If you are engaged or will be in 43 days....you can't miss this one!  It is by far the biggest and best Bridal show you can attend in the Cleveland and surrounding areas.  It will host the most vendors in any category you may be looking for.  Of course I brag about the show because we will be there, but really you should too!  It is hosted by the wonderful Today's Bride.  We are especially excited because it will be our big debut in the Cleveland area.  Relocating to a new state with no local ties is difficult. It's not stopping us....we have big plans for 2013!  We have the most jobs booked going into the new year that we ever have and we hope this show really sets us over the top.  This won't be the last time you hear about the show...just throwing it out there since you can buy your tickets now :)  Don't miss it, January 12th from 2-8pm and 13th from 10-5pm.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wedding Tip Tuesday ~ 11.27.12

This Tuesday we would like to discuss defining your wedding style.  So obviously an invitation is meant to tell your guests the date, time, location of your upcoming event.  BUT more importantly it is supposed to set the tone for your wedding.  It is the first glimpse guests will get into what their experience will be like on your big day.  Before you even begin to shop you should have a clear understanding of what you want your big day to be like.  Rustic and vintage, glam and modern, classic and elegant - in doing so you can now get invitations that reflect the feel you are trying to create.  People will understand that they should not be showing up in a gown to a back yard reception or with no tie and jacket to a black tie affair.  Plus, the more unique you are the more excited guests will be to attend your wedding to see all you have planned.  Once you have your wedding style begin your search for the perfect invitations. As a custom designer I am a little biased when it comes to designing an invite to fit perfectly with your wedding....everyone should have the perfect invite.  Just do your research before you get any old invite, there are SOOO many options out there.

Happy Wedding Tip Tuesday!
The invitation is your guests' first peek at your wedding style. Along with listing the location and time of day, the invitation -- and, more specifically, its style -- hints to the formality of your wedding. You should have an idea of the type of event you're throwing -- classic and elegant, or glam and modern -- before you start shopping for stationery, so you can choose an invitation style that hits the same note. Then browse wedding invitation photos and stationers' websites and gather inspiration so you can give your stationer an idea of what you like.

Read more: Top Wedding Invitation Tips - Wedding Planning - Wedding Invitations + Stationery http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning/wedding-invitations/articles/our-top-wedding-invitation-tips.aspx#ixzz2DS1itMnB

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wedding Tip Tuesday ~ 11.20.12

This Tuesday we would like to talk about Envelopes Liners. Ah, envelope liners, we think they are beautiful, it can add so much to an invitation, throw in some color or a pattern, a written love note, texture and so on.  It can accent that lovely European flapped envelope in style.  HOWEVER, as beautiful as they can be really stop to think about them for a minute and how the majority of people open an envelope (especially if you are looking to cut expenses from your budget).  How do you open an envelope?  Do you use a standard letter opener and just rip it open across the top?  Do you rip it open on one side?  Or are you one of the very few that actually take the letter opener and try open it all along the edge, the gummed pointed flap?  I have yet to really see a study or survey taken to determine the majority.  All I know is from most of the people I have discussed this very thing with they will use some kind of letter opener or their finger and just rip it open across the top edge.  For me insert sad face here :(  Because now all of that loveliness has just been ripped in half!  As you stuffed your item in that wonderful envelope you were able to take in the beauty of it.  As the person on the receiving end they may only get a glimpse of it or a glimpse into the inner workings of between the liner and the envelope.  I know you are all sad now and I guarantee for most of you this thought never crossed your mind.

What we would recommend is that if you use an envelope liner then also use inner AND outer envelopes.  (Now I have been asked several times what inner and outer envelopes are so I guess I should explain that here:  It is a set of 2 envelopes that fit into each other.  The Outer is the one that is gummed and addressed.  The inner is to hold your invitation and contents and is ungummed). So now when that outer envelope is ripped open your lovely lined inner is spared a barbaric death for all to enjoy its beauty.  We are by no means saying we will not kindly line single invite or stationery envelopes for anyone that would like them.  We just feel that unless you have the budget to do so with a single envelope, that it is an expense you can probably pass on.  If you choose to line single envelopes we just hope most people decide to open it along the flap!!

Happy Wedding Tip Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wedding Tip Tuesday ~ 11.13.12

So this is a new little thing we are attempting to accomplish among other things but for the purpose of helping out our wonderful clients as well as keeping us blogging!  We are going to try and blog every Tuesday with a new wedding tip.  We will of course try to keep as many as we can invitation and paper related but there are just so many great ones that some like today will not be paper related.  The first installment of Wedding Tip Tuesday brings something paperless actually!  

One thing we would recommend to every newly engaged bride is to create a wedding email address solely for wedding related correspondence.  Give this email to all your friends and family, wedding party, wedding vendors, bridal shows and so much more.  We especially like this tip because we all know that when you attend a Bridal Show all the vendors receive your information.  Soon after the show you may be bombarded with emails from all of these wonderful vendors....much like myself trying to get your interest in our services.  While this may be good and bad, it can start to clog up your inbox, so why not just keep it separate from the start?  Then when the wedding is over and you no longer need random emails from a DJ you never even hired...instead of having to go and unsubscribe to them just close your email account and move on with your newly married life!!

We love our first Tip Tuesday and we hope you do too!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amy & Will ~ 8.18.12

My dear wedding planner friend Heather Guthrie from At the Heels Weddings & Events came to me with a unique request.  Of course I immediately said yes, because after all here at DG Invites we LOVE unique!!  I met with her bride Amy who not too far in the future would be saying I Do at the Henry Hall Wilson House in Charlotte, NC.  She was looking for a very unique thumbprint guest book sign.  Amy is Chinese and Will is not.  She wanted to create something that would beautifully incorporate her heritage into the wedding.  What we did was design a the thumbprint guest book sign in black and white to look like a pond....a Coy pond. It had a sign for directions and example prints created by the bride and groom.  All of her guests then used lots of bright, fun colors to place their thumbprints on the sign.  And with markers turn the prints into their own little coy fish and sign their names...genius!!  I loved this idea and was so excited to create it.  Here are a few images of the finished product and the happy couple.  Congratulations Amy & Will....we wish you a lifetime of happiness and love :)