Monday, June 4, 2012

Sheila & Stephen

I know we always say this and it's hard not to when you truly have so many amazing clients...but we loved Sheila!  We met her at the Bridal Showcase in Uptown last August and she fell in love with one of our other ticket invitations.  Her and Stephen were just married this past Memorial Day Weekend.  She had so many great ideas, knew she wanted a ticket invitation, knew her colors were silver and green, knew she wanted some form of the Charlotte skyline and a postcard rsvp. So the challenge?  Organizing all of the information... accommodations, invite, rsvp, music requests, itinerary of the weekends events and then some. I think we did a great job of organizing!  All held together in a custom silver pocket with matching monogram sticker.  From there we also designed custom stationery for her and the flower girl.  Enjoy!

Sunflower Invitations

Thank You Beehbrown for featuring our other Sunflower Invitation.
This one with a vintage feel and bellyband!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Vintage - Inspired Wedding

Thank You Angelene for featuring our Lotus Invitation in your Treasury!
**Sick of all our features yet? Just a few more so we are caught's been way too long!