Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wedding Tip Tuesday ~ 11.20.12

This Tuesday we would like to talk about Envelopes Liners. Ah, envelope liners, we think they are beautiful, it can add so much to an invitation, throw in some color or a pattern, a written love note, texture and so on.  It can accent that lovely European flapped envelope in style.  HOWEVER, as beautiful as they can be really stop to think about them for a minute and how the majority of people open an envelope (especially if you are looking to cut expenses from your budget).  How do you open an envelope?  Do you use a standard letter opener and just rip it open across the top?  Do you rip it open on one side?  Or are you one of the very few that actually take the letter opener and try open it all along the edge, the gummed pointed flap?  I have yet to really see a study or survey taken to determine the majority.  All I know is from most of the people I have discussed this very thing with they will use some kind of letter opener or their finger and just rip it open across the top edge.  For me insert sad face here :(  Because now all of that loveliness has just been ripped in half!  As you stuffed your item in that wonderful envelope you were able to take in the beauty of it.  As the person on the receiving end they may only get a glimpse of it or a glimpse into the inner workings of between the liner and the envelope.  I know you are all sad now and I guarantee for most of you this thought never crossed your mind.

What we would recommend is that if you use an envelope liner then also use inner AND outer envelopes.  (Now I have been asked several times what inner and outer envelopes are so I guess I should explain that here:  It is a set of 2 envelopes that fit into each other.  The Outer is the one that is gummed and addressed.  The inner is to hold your invitation and contents and is ungummed). So now when that outer envelope is ripped open your lovely lined inner is spared a barbaric death for all to enjoy its beauty.  We are by no means saying we will not kindly line single invite or stationery envelopes for anyone that would like them.  We just feel that unless you have the budget to do so with a single envelope, that it is an expense you can probably pass on.  If you choose to line single envelopes we just hope most people decide to open it along the flap!!

Happy Wedding Tip Tuesday!