Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wedding Tip Tuesday ~ 11.13.12

So this is a new little thing we are attempting to accomplish among other things but for the purpose of helping out our wonderful clients as well as keeping us blogging!  We are going to try and blog every Tuesday with a new wedding tip.  We will of course try to keep as many as we can invitation and paper related but there are just so many great ones that some like today will not be paper related.  The first installment of Wedding Tip Tuesday brings something paperless actually!  

One thing we would recommend to every newly engaged bride is to create a wedding email address solely for wedding related correspondence.  Give this email to all your friends and family, wedding party, wedding vendors, bridal shows and so much more.  We especially like this tip because we all know that when you attend a Bridal Show all the vendors receive your information.  Soon after the show you may be bombarded with emails from all of these wonderful vendors....much like myself trying to get your interest in our services.  While this may be good and bad, it can start to clog up your inbox, so why not just keep it separate from the start?  Then when the wedding is over and you no longer need random emails from a DJ you never even hired...instead of having to go and unsubscribe to them just close your email account and move on with your newly married life!!

We love our first Tip Tuesday and we hope you do too!