Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a Tractor Tippin' Good Time!

We recently created invitations for Nickolas's 3rd Birthday party.  All he wanted for his birthday was to have a "Tractor Tip" party.  We created an invitation with Lightning McQueen and Mater along with a tractor that they tipped over while they were out tractor tippin.  Nickolas was so excited when he saw the invitation!  He could not wait for his mommy to mail it out to all of his friends!

We also created some items for the big party!  We created labels for juice boxes, raisin boxes, and uncrustables to match the theme.  We also created matching party hats!  The kids loved wearing them and had a blast at the party! 

Even Nick's daddy couldn't resist wearing a cool party hat! :)

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