Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The "New" DG Invites

For all of our friends, family, colleagues, past, current and future clients we have some exciting news in store!!  For those that know over the years we have struggled with our identity.  A name change, multiple websites, multiple logo designs, swirls, no swirls, patterns, no patterns...we have kind of been all over the place.  After the name change to DG Invites that is about the only thing that has remained true to us.  Currently we have in the works a new website which will lead to our slightly revised logo, a new look for the blog, a new look for facebook and lot's of new marketing and printed materials to pull it all together.  We are attempting to have this all pulled together sooner than later...but just to keep you on the edge of your seat we decided to let news of the evolved cat out of the bag!  We realize as time goes on styles change, people change...so I am sure this won't be the last time you hear of adjustments to DG Invites...we just hope this one sticks around for awhile!!  At least longer than the latest trends in wedding invitations!  Stay tuned....

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